Why Should Be Any One Lead By You?

Every vision has some mission. My mission is to approach my vision to be a good leader not only the leader but a good leader. Leader who influence other, lead others and consider ethics. Who always think about his team and motivate them with his inspiring moves. In this blog we are going to discuss about leadership style and what are the ways that author has used to demonstrate his knowledge and developing his understandings for his future organization.
There are four components that characterise leadership; process, goal attainments, influence and group context (Northouse 2006).
For my understanding of effective leadership, the person who has inspired me most of the time was Steve jobs because he was the man of innovation, his principles was to form something rather just to be a bureaucratic. He not only invited other to his innovation but also make them feel his thinking and creativity style that there are some thing in this world that we can achieve, without depending on someone rather someone will come and command us to do something. His effective leadership has not only proves him intelligent but brings Apple out of bankruptcy to profitability.

People should not think about leadership is a downward process as managers and employees sometime lead it upwards(Hollington2006).A leader is one who is responsive to others needs and put his efforts to get the things done for them. An effective leader is very well aware of his organizations mission, vision and overall goals. He knows how to achieve by putting strategies as a goal to measure it with his diverse team capabilities to achieve them. My understanding derived with the vision of creativity to inspire my subordinates in my organization. My passion is not to inspire only someone but to lead them with a vision of influencing other as a team in nature and to prevent bureaucratic style and deliver ideas with effective leadership style to let my team to think freely and be democratic. It is vital to be a real leader until you have a full knowledge of your organization to bring change in organization by giving their resisting subordinates a sense of achievement through various examples. Leadership is all about the efforts are focus on objectives, goals and activities (Hale 2004). A real leader not only drive the results but also capable of making his staff keep motivated and passionate to do the things and feel them a sense of belongings to the organization which results staff retention, their loyalty to the organization. A leadership has to be ethical as it not only save organization from being destroy but will lead in competitive environment because of his ethics and balance in organizational approach to employees.
The feedback I receive from my colleagues aware me that I have an ability to work with most of the diverse people with an influencing factor as I always try to take initiatives to describe things better before anyone can else in my group. I have a good communicational skill through which I effectively communicate my ideas and develop the thinking of others in certain way. Particularly when we have any team work I try to come up with a good idea to pursue with through my past experiences which I feel makes me stronger in my thinking. (Yukl2010) much of the leadership skills come from experience rather through training. The areas I have to develop myself are to motivate and lead others as it is very strong point in my vision to be a strong personality in the future if we have a motivational factor we can not only retain staff in the organization with a good leadership qualities but can lead them.
The leadership qualities which I will be developing through my peer feedback received from my colleagues, managers as well as customers are showing transformational leadership traits as I am capable of doing things with a clear vision. A transformational Theory by James Mcgregor 1978 which after several years modifications today has transformed in to four elements of leadership
• Individualised consideration
• Inspirational motivation
• Intellectual simulation
• Idealised influence
A leader is one who treats relationships with his followers through motivation, commitment, influence and inspiration to improve performance of organization (Buchanan & Huczynski 2010). So for my future organization I have to be self motivated first where I can then be motivate others. I have to start doing two-way communication process through my continuous learning process which will helps me to develop my feed backs area too. Even though my communication style is good but it has to be more effective so I can influence others. In my future organization being a good leader I want to give my team a sense of belongings, a clear perspective about organization mission, vision so they can be directed in the right direction. This will help them to achieve a high performance level and realise true potential. My team will not only be capable of doing things properly even I will be their strength to support to develop their personal as well as professional skills as I am developing now my own. By evaluating followers in terms of their ability I will fulfil the commitments and envision them their responsibilities in my organization.
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12 thoughts on “Why Should Be Any One Lead By You?”

  1. Good structure, good definition and example for leadship. the video is brief and help me understand competent leader quickly.
    Also, the references are reliable from book and journal

    1. thanks for your comments and personal interest in my blog, would you be interested to know more facts about the leadership style as you do appreciated my leadership competencies perhaps it will give more opportunity to explain you much in detail if you prefer. do let me know .

  2. yes.. the video contain a information that i’ve never hear about it and that every person on apple company in charge of a specific thing which is shocking ..
    thank you again bro.

  3. overall nice attempt your writing style is capturing attention.well done but if you could focus on how you will improve your weaknesses.

    1. hi thanks for asking me interesting piece of question, well if you have a look most people have been inspired or motivated with some one in their life to become something and Steve Jobs is one of them who has not actually inspired others while in Apple but produce a hope of innovation for others. the best examples are iphone, ipad etc. which is rally a creative work he has done to take his organization at the peak and by working hard since he was back to Apple he lead his team by supporting and strengthen their beliefs for innovation. This piece of work and actions to initiate a task is inspiration for me.
      Thanks for asking hope you will understand.

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