Managing Change

This blog is about managing change in the organization as resistance is the main fact within the employees, so we are going to discuss about this resistance change with the help of J C Penny organization as an example to see different views on resistance in change.

‘‘Change is nothing new and a simple fact of life. Some people actively thrive on new challenges and constant change, while others prefer the comfort of the status quo and strongly resist any change. It is all down to the personality of the individual and there is little management can do about resistance to change (Mullins 2010: 753)’’.

Managing change is one of the biggest challenges within the organization. The fact is people, some are really adept to the change naturally and others resist and become threaten for the organization. The type of employees who want to develop themselves they adopt changes quickly even they are looking for opportunities to move career forwards and they seek to thrive with the challenges. Much of these changes is a natural process of ageing like building, material or equipment like choice of new technology and methods so employers automatically be a part of these changes and they not only develop themselves but also adopt to new changes (Mullin 2013:712). Contrary According to (Davis 2009) ‘people resist to change due to the anticipation for the unknown is a reason for them’. John Kotter talk about resistance to change in organization that one can manage.

Some time people have a misconception regarding their power, luxury, jobs at risk, insecurity (Mullins 2013). As people grow old with a passage of time it is hard for them to change their perspectives and personality over night, a significantly change may affects their lives in long term which is difficult scenario for them to change and also they scared of uncertainty (Marcus & Curt 1999).
According to (Kotter 2005) open yourself to learn more about organization to lead your employees. Clarify the staff the vision behind the initiatives through your own management style and ensure that everyone is striving towards the same goal in your organization. The role manager plays in avoiding resistance according to (William2011:194) said that Kurt Lewin has introduced three step Model:
• Unfreezing
• Movement
• Refreezing
Unfreezing is to identify your needs to employees that the change is needed as it will give organization a competitive advantage by going through change planning process. Movement is change transition process, which involved the options available for change and implementing the action plan. Freezing is to support and reinforce the new system which ever is recognised will be beneficial to the organization.
To overcome resistance in changing process manager should have to educate their employees about the actual purpose of change and also communicate change related information so they can understand. For example resistance to change is particularly stronger in merging company’s situation where a big company due to its high status acquire small company so the importance of this fact should understand by employees. Managers effectively play a major role in encouraging while promoting among staff new proposal of change to adopt positive change and their involvement in this change (Kavanagh 2006).
The best example for resistance to change is J C Penny’s where Ullman has proved that resistance to change could be handled in an effective way to increase the capability of the organization. By using Handy frame work of organizational culture he has turned the power culture to persons culture where everything was aristocratic, everybody was very reserved, no one speak to customers properly, staff had limited freedom everything reserved up to managers, no casual clothing in office. He changed to democratic way and make it persons culture where staff can call their managers by first name, staff can wear casual on Friday, did first Christmas party which changed staff thinking about organization, can decorate their cabins, have a freedom to do things and staff get more friendly in their customers service as well staff got training facilities to develop their selves. This example has illustrates that change to resistance has a positive impact on the organization and the managers has to adopt the effective way to give empowerment to staff so they can be friendly with everyone.
It concludes that, change is actually nothing but is the need of hour. Employees in organization tend to resist because of the facilities they have. Effective leader always try to develop employees to bring productivity and this benefited to the organization. The most effective way to manage change is to educate employee in your industry, try to empower them which gives them a motivation to do the things in a better way. Collaborate with the employees to decrease the resistance and bring their participation to solve the problem. People love change until unless there is more resistance involve in it (cummings2008).

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4 thoughts on “Managing Change”

  1. Well done but  please check your tenses all over again, please educate me more on how one can resist change that is resulting from old age. Make it flow.

    1. Hi thanks for your valuable comments, yes obviously the resist mostly comes from old age that they prefer their traditional style way of working but we need to remind them that those style always lead them when they update their skills and thoughts as communicating them through examples and make them understand that without change the organization it may not benefit to them but organization will face a huge loss through their experienced people without guiding them on certain steps and this can lead the loss of organizational assets too. since the technology has steps in the organizational development it helps many people to update their skills and knowledge and connect them with all over the world in this way it may be able to let them brief to pursue further.
      hope you got your answer and I appreciate your interest.

  2. Great blog Umair! Your argument is very clear. As you said, change is very important but most people resist to change. So can you give some recommendations to overcome that resistance to change? Do you think that changes in organisations sometimes may bring some unforeseeable risks which really affect negatively to the operations of organisations?

    1. Thanks …for your comments and yes yo your answer because to overcome resistance is when you introduce your employee with a new technology they might resist. But by explaining them the worst scenario where u may fall id u sont come up with a new technology. I think u need to eduacate them more and this can reduce reaistance too.

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